LinkedIn graffiti mural

LinkedIn was looking for some fresh graffiti art to liven up the office walls of in their new location in the Empire State building. KlugHaus art gallery organized a selection of local artists and we were excited to hear that we were a part of the chosen few. We wanted to give them something special, something New York, a graffiti mural that was going to be a warm, fun, and a colorful addition the office that would be embraced by their employees. Two city scapes begin and close off our section with a spray-painting pigeon, giant yellow “Linked In” graffiti piece containing a photo-realistic portrait of the Empire State building. The Statue of Liberty stands strong to the right overseeing the mural followed by the final city scape containing a view of the Brooklyn Bridge. It was a pleasure to work with KlugHaus and LinkedIn! New York! New York! Big City of dreams!