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Durden NYC custom mural

When Ed from Durden NYC reached out to me for a custom mural, his enthusiasm and creative vision were contagious. This wasn’t going to be any ordinary job. The concept was simple, he wanted a kick-ass graphic mural representative of Tyler Durden’s (yep, that Tyler Durden from Fight Club) struggle with corporate America. We could have taken the idea anywhere creatively, but we wanted to produce something telling while not being too literal about it, and also very complimentary to the bar’s rustic interior design. We also wanted to incorporate the burn mark that’s present at the end of the movie as a kind of symbol of the bar. The burn mark that he points to on the editing table when he’s splicing in images of pornography to the movie. I assembled imagery unique to both Tyler Durden and Big Banks in America and gave them a halftone effect in photoshop. The wall was first collaged with a primary layer of vintage pornography for Tyler’s side and the financial times news print for corporate America. Once the wall was lightly whitewashed we began painting on the designs. The layers added a deeper richness to the meaning of both polar sides helmed in the middle by a scantily clad lady justice. She’s crowned with a monetary halo wielding the swift justice of an AK 47, while the scales of justice hang out of balance with drug money and contraband. The grey and maroon colors used for the mural tie into the bars interior look giving it a seamlessly tailored feel in its environment. Take a second out of your rat race to enjoy a pint and some good conversation at Durden¬†NYC, 13th st and 2nd ave in NYC, the tap selection is quite nice!